10 best FOB key sets for Ford Escape

2021-11-10 06:12:46 By : Mr. Pengfei Qin

Ford Escape is an SUV produced by Ford since 2000 and has entered the fourth generation. For the new generation of models in 2020, Ford Escape has undergone a design overhaul, but the appearance is still a 5-door SUV. Sometimes, over time, your key may fall or be scratched. Using a FOB key cover can prevent this from happening because FOB keys are expensive and difficult to replace. If you are looking for the best FOB key cover at a reasonable price, you can order from Amazon immediately, and we are here to help you. These are the 10 best FOB key sets for Ford Escape. However, please make sure that the product you choose is compatible with your model. Keep scrolling to see what we picked!

EYANBIS silicone key covers are the beginning of the 10 best FOB key covers for Ford Escape. This is a very cheap and basic protective cover option for the Ford Escape key, because it can protect your expensive remote control key from damage, scratches and water spills, and its silicone will not interfere with the signal of the remote control.

AIHOK's FOB key cover is the 9th viable choice because it is made of high-quality TPU plastic and comes with a belt. Its structure has the characteristics of impact resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and dust resistance. There are 5 different colors available for purchase.

Next is the carbon silicon FOB protector from the Zorratin store. Since FOB keys are very expensive to replace, this product provides a simple solution to protect your keys and their buttons with a durable and long-lasting silicone sleeve that will never fade. It reduces the chance of accidentally pressing keys.

The seventh place is the MECHCOS FOB key case of Ford Escape. This key case fits your FOB key very cleanly, prevents any damage and scratches to the key, and does not interfere with any buttons. You can directly press all the buttons. It is made of high-quality plastic with a nylon cord keychain.

The sixth place is the Auovo leather FOB key cover of the Ford Maverick. This keychain is made of high-quality soft leather material with a luminous design, allowing you to use the key even at night. Equipped with a durable key chain, it is convenient to carry the key and prevent the key from falling.

The fifth place is GFDesign silicone FOB key cover. Due to its reasonable price and the fact that two in a pack, this key cover was nominated as the top 5. It is made of silicone and the keys are eye-catching, so you won't miss them. It is very easy to clean and comes with 4 extra key rings.

The Vitodeco Smark FOB keychain is made of real cowhide and can provide comprehensive protection and style for your Ford Escape FOB key. The case is designed for daily use because it does not compress any keys or signals and improves the appearance of the keys. It also includes a leather key chain.

Ranked third is the M.JVISUN silicone rubber carbon fiber texture FOB key cover. This Ford Escape key cover has 10 different colors and materials to choose from. It is a lightweight and durable key cover with stylish patterns that can provide comprehensive protection for your keys for many years. The smooth finish makes it easy to slip out of the pocket for an overall smooth experience.

Ranked second is the HelloAuto FOB key case of Ford Escape, with a score of about 1500. This is a brand new key housing, which will replace your auxiliary key by switching all the internal parts of the key. There is a key inside, which can be brought to the local locksmith to match your car key, and you can switch electronic devices without programming. Exquisite workmanship, including places where batteries, keys, and motherboards are placed.

Ford Escape's ZiHafate leather key cover is among the top 10 best FOB key covers. It is made of the finest horse skins and hand-stitched to give a comfortable and classic look. Will not block any signal from the car key, there are 2 different colors of leather to choose from. Equipped with anti-drop iron ring, if scratched, it can be repaired by wiping with cloth or hand.

Therefore, we have listed 10 FOB key sets for Ford Escape. We hope it can help you make choices for yourself. Please stay tuned for more

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