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Author: Rebecca Henderson / Last updated September 30, 2021

Car care can be a rewarding but frustrating experience. There are countless brands, colors, materials and sizes of polishing pads. Which one do you choose? In this guide, we will provide you with the information and tools you need to make informed decisions when buying polishing pads and finishing pads.

If you take your car seriously and want to learn more about the various steps, please choose this set of 6 pads and backplanes provided by TCP Global.

The sampler kit includes three pads and a 16-ounce bottle of pad cleaner, making it an ideal starter kit for buffers of all experience levels.

This waxing and polishing pad kit includes seven pieces of varying degrees of roughness. The mat is washable and reusable.

Our reviews are driven by hands-on testing by actual buyers, expert opinions, "popular wisdom" evaluations, and our own expertise. We always strive to provide true and accurate guides to help you find the best choice.

Most polishing pads use a hook and loop design, which simply refers to how the pad is connected to the back plate of the buffer. If you have used Velcro before, you may have seen the hook and loop style before-this is the same concept. Hook and loop polishing pads are the most common.

The cutting mat is rougher and is used to contact the painted surface and generate friction/heat when used with the cutting compound. They can also be called composite pads, but polishing pads also fall into this category. Usually made of coarser materials, the cutting pad must be used in combination with a polishing pad (and polishing agent) to achieve a swirl-free, sparkling, and new effect when performing some heavy cutting. Most cutting compounds come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from three inches to eight inches. It is best to use a cutting mat at a lower RPM for best results.

Polishing pads are generally smoother and/or softer than cutting pads, and are intended to be used with polishing compounds. These pads also come in various shapes and sizes, just like composite pads. Many polishing pads are designed to remove swirls and wet wear marks, so they are usually flatter to prevent further swirl marks. It is best to use the polishing pad at medium and high speeds to obtain a vortex-free appearance. 

In contrast to lamb wool pads, synthetic wool pads are not suitable for people who are timid or have weak arm muscles. Compared with cutting or polishing pads, which require a higher degree of control, synthetic wool polishing pads use fiber-like hair to remove the weakest scratches that would otherwise not appear. Synthetic wool polishing pads can be rotated at higher speeds to get a lot of heat and friction, but they must be combed and expanded after a few times on the paint to get the best results. These wool pads are used with cutting and polishing compounds.

Most polishing pads are made of foam. Depending on their type, size, purpose, etc., they are usually used between low and high RPM. They also come in various colors, corresponding to different compounds. Foam polishing pads can be shaped into waffle foam, honeycomb/hexagonal or smooth surface shapes. A denser foam pad is used for cutting; a lighter foam pad does the job by polishing or waxing.

Microfiber pads are a mixture of foam pads and synthetic wool. The small short fibers on the surface of the mat generate heat and friction, resulting in a smooth, vortex-free finish. Microfiber pads are often used as an intermediate step with cutting compounds or polishing agents; they are more aggressive than foam pads, but still require subsequent use of foam pads to create a mirror effect.  

This well-known company was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. 3M focuses on the fields of automotive, communications, energy, healthcare, and transportation. You can also consider using 3M Perfect It Foam Compounding Pad Set, which has three pads designed to cover the basic steps of paint correction.  

This popular company was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. Micron has been in the automotive industry for many years, developing products for automotive, professional, and marine platforms. Meguiars is recognized for introducing microfiber pads to paint correction enthusiasts, providing their microfiber correction system for those who want to change the status quo by trying new things.  

Although its Italian parent company was founded in 1947, RUPES USA is relatively new. The international company acquired a tool manufacturer in Colorado in 2015. RUPES provides various products for weekend warriors and professional beauticians, such as 4-Pad 6" Foam Pack, with coarse, medium, fine and ultra-fine pads, suitable for the polishing experience from start to finish. 

Purchasing the correct pad size for your platform is the key. Some rotary and double-acting machines will accept cushions of various sizes through interchangeable back plates. If you have to choose between a polishing pad that is smaller or larger than the size recommended for your platform, it is best to choose a larger polishing pad.   

The polishing pad is round, but some pad surfaces have different shapes. The waffle pad is used to extend the buffer to the bottom of the car body line; the honeycomb pad allows air to be distributed during the polishing process, and the smooth/flat pad is used for polishing and finishing to achieve a mirror effect.

It is important to understand which type of pad is required for the various polishing processes involved in correcting car paint. Cutting mats are usually denser and can handle the heat and friction required to repair deep scratches. The polishing pad is light and flat. Do not try to use the pad for any process other than its intended purpose. 

More on cleaning and details

There are as many buffer areas as polishing pads. The benefit of this kit from TCP Global is that no matter what brand of buffer you buy, these 8-inch polishing pads can be directly connected to the included back plate, which is threaded to the spindle. This is why it is our first choice. Serious polishing enthusiasts will quickly tell you that having a variety of polishing pads is the key to handling any car you encounter. 

Using the TCP Global polishing kit, you can quickly determine the pad required for the corresponding process. The waffle design of the cushion allows you to solve the hard-to-reach areas around the crease of the body line. Since the kit comes with so many polishing pads, you can try to see which type of polishing pad is best for each polishing step.

If the buffer used for the first time does not understand the steps required to properly polish the car, they may be confused by the number of pads included. The kit is also an investment. However, with some research, you can get impressive results when polishing car paint.

We chose the 6.5-inch polishing pad sampler kit from Chemical Guys as our premium choice because it makes understanding the polishing process very simple and affordable. With three mats, you can compound, polish and wax almost any vehicle. As long as you remember which color corresponds to which process, it is as simple as switching the pads and going to the next step.

The hexagonal pattern of Chemical Guys polishing pads spans the middle ground between a perfectly flat polishing pad and a waffle-designed polishing pad. This means you can go deep into the curve of the body line to get the full effect, while still being able to keep the mat itself level with the painted surface to reduce swirls. In addition, the included cleaning solution means you don't have to worry about what to soak between uses.

The main problem with the starter kit is that it is a starter kit and you don't have to use it for intense paint correction. Generally speaking, polishing a car almost always restores the paint to some extent, but depending on the condition of the paint itself, you may need a more aggressive approach. However, Chemical Guys makes it very easy for you to polish your car with this economical kit.  

This 7-inch hook and loop polishing pad kit has seven pieces for waxing, polishing and sealing. The pad can be washed and reused, and has different degrees of softness and roughness according to your needs. They can polish even the most difficult scratches and oxidized areas.

The cushions are lightweight, easy to assemble, and include Velcro, which makes them easy to replace. They are flexible, durable, economical and will not damage the surface area of ​​the vehicle. Overall, they are very good quality, easy to use, and can do the job well.

However, the wool pad may spread out prematurely. It will shed a lot of fibers and will eventually spread everywhere. In addition, you may receive unwanted pads because they are only sold as a kit and not separately. 

This wool polishing pad is 3 inches wide. It has wool fibers that can form fluff on the surface of the polishing pad. On the back of the mat is 3M's Hookit connection system. You can use this pad on variable speed polishers, buffers and track tools. The wool fibers are carefully woven to provide a uniform polished surface, allowing your compound or other polishing materials to be evenly distributed.

The super soft wool fluff helps this polishing pad fit and wrap your car's curves. This will create a better and more thorough polishing job. The 3M attachment system is fast and safe, helping to quickly replace the gasket and safer polishing.

Unfortunately, this polishing pad is designed for professional use. This means that ordinary DIYers may not have compatible spinning or polishing tools in their garage.

This rotary polishing pad has a simple hook and loop system that can be connected to your rotary polishing machine. The back panel is recessed to help you place the mat on the back panel. It is suitable for Meguiar's Soft Buff rotating backplane. 

The foam used to make this polishing pad is of better quality than other available foam pads. It can eliminate minor surface defects, thereby helping you to obtain high gloss. The foam is soft and durable, so you don't have to worry about chewing the foam during use. 

Unfortunately, this polishing pad is not universal. Although you can try to use it with other power polishing tools, it is made for Meguiar, so the assembly of other machines may be a problem. Foam also does not clean the surface of the car well, which requires you to do a lot of hand wiping.

This soft polishing pad is made of 100% natural wool. It has a solid polishing surface and straps that can be fixed to your power buffer or polishing machine. You can use this pad with compounds, paint sealants and glazes. 

The standard size of 7 inches in diameter means that the polishing pad will fit most power buffers and polishing machines on the market. This makes the pad has a wide range of uses. You will also like the sliding sleeve installation, which makes this polishing pad easy to fix.

Users say that the drawstring may loosen and cause the cushion to shake or fall off completely. If this happens when you use the power buffer, it may cause damage.

When polishing a car, it is easy to get the polishing pad too close to the sharp edge, especially when you are tired. However, if you remove a lot of cushions during use, please replace the cushions before polishing another car. If there are pits on the surface of the pad, replace it as soon as possible.   

The answer to this question depends on which steps you want to perform in the polishing process. Generally speaking, if you want to be like new paint, you need to start with a rougher composite polishing pad, and then polish and wax it in your own way. This is especially true for black and dark cars where scratches are more visible. 

One polishing pad is sufficient. But in reality, you need to buy cutting pads, polishing pads, and waxing pads, all of which are six to six and a half inches in size. We recommend that you start using these three basic pads to store your polishing cabinet.   

It is easiest to remove compounds when wet. After using the polishing pad, immediately put it in a bucket of hot soapy water. The soap can be your car wash soap or the simple dish soap you find at your local grocery store. Stir the mat with your fingers to remove stubborn compounds, and let it air dry before using it again. 

The polisher is designed to generate the heat and friction required to activate the compound, whether you are compounding, polishing or waxing. This is why you can manually adjust the RPM. The only pressure you need to apply is enough to maintain a constant and consistent pressure on the surface of the mat. This is roughly the same as the pressure required to hold a pencil or press a button. 

This is something we recommend that only professionals or people with several years of experience should do. If the correct combination is not used, the paint, mats and/or machinery may eventually be damaged.

Yes, it is best to remove this compound when the car or polishing pad (or on your body) gets wet. The water on the microfiber cloth is very effective for the door frame, but it is best to use a soft microfiber cloth and adjust it with a little spray of wax. While removing the accumulated compound, it is unlikely to scratch the freshly sanded paint. 

TCP Global's 8-inch polishing kit with 6 pads and back plate is our best choice because of the price and practicality provided by the entire package. The Chemical Guys 6.5-inch polished sampler kit is our budget choice. Using three pads and a bottle of cleaner, you only need to double-act or rotate the polisher to start.

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